Much needed time behind the lense

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Decided I needed some time behind the camera today. My skills are getting really rusty. Been really inspired by a lot of HDR photographers at the moment and felt that it was time  to produce some decent stuff of my own. Many people have their own views on HDRs. I personally think that they give a truer representation of what the eye sees. So when you look at these images, dont think well that wouldn’t look like that in a photograph. Instead think about what you would see with you eyes. Imagine your there, the feelings, the sounds, the light and take all of that into consideration.

Click on this image to see the rest of the images, then look in the drop down menu for HDRS

I was really strict with myself today making sure that a tripod was used for every shot and that everything was exposed correctly (as apposed to relying on the auto bracketing on my camera). Some times I took up to 6 exposures to get what I wanted.  I’ve gotten really sloppy of late, letting photoshop sort out my rubbish technique, but I figured that this would have top stop.

I hope you like what you see. Any comments are always really appreciated. Good or bad! How true a representation of what you see are they???? I have processed how I see things, but i’m interested in what you think too.





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Cumbrian Wildlife Park

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Residents of the Lakes

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